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  • MyChart Bedside

    MyChart Bedside is your portal for engaging with your care while admitted to the hospital. Empower yourself and your family with access to your care team, clinical data, and health education.

    MyChart Bedside uses your hospital’s medical record system to securely show you information using your UHMyChart to access many Bedside features from your personal iOS or Android mobile device.

    MyChart Bedside - Exciting News for Birthing Parents

    For moms that have an existing MyChart account, you will gain automatic access to your newborns account at the time of delivery!

  • 21st Century Cures Act

    • Effective May 1, 2021, UHCS will comply with the CMS requirement to send electronic notifications for patient admissions, discharges and transfers to the primary care provider or other practitioners responsible for the patient’s care. Confirm your primary care provider when you present for care.

    • Already in effect, lab results, and radiology results are available to you electronically at the time the result is finalized. Because of this, you may see results before your physician or provider. This may create a lot of questions or even some anxiety, so it is always a good idea to ask your physician or other provider what to expect when they are ordering tests. In addition to results being released, you will also see clinical notes that were documented during your encounter.

    • Communicate with your doctor

      Get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home
    • Access your test results

      No more waiting for a phone call or letter – view your results and your doctor's comments within days
    • Request prescription refills

      Send a refill request for any of your refillable medications. Need to update your list of pharmacies? Go to Medications and click on Manage My Pharmacies.
    • Manage your appointments

      Schedule your next appointment, or view details of your past and upcoming appointments
    • Schedule a video visit

      Have a new problem or an acute, non-urgent medical concern and would like to receive care virtually? Schedule a video visit today. Click here to learn more
    • Communication Preferences

      Want to setup how you can get notifications? Visit the Communication Preferences activity under Account Settings.

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    Urgent Medical Matters

    Please do not use MyChart to send any messages requiring urgent attention. Dial 911 for emergency or life threatening situations.